So... How Do I Get Started.

Getting started with Garden Trains Getting started in Garden Trains is easier than you think. Several of the major manufacturers sell starter sets that include everything you need to get running. These sets include some track, a power supply, an engine and some rolling stock. Just snap the track together, attach two wires, and you are ready to run.

Starter sets can differ in price and quality. You can end up comparing apples with oranges. Help! What is the solution? Simple, just use our easy to follow check-off list and pick the Garden Trains starter set that is just right for you.   More>

Track: The Most Important Choice.

Garden Train Track is Important Your choice of track will be the one decision you make that will have the biggest impact on how well your Garden Railroad will operate today and in the future.

There are several options when purchasing track. It is all designed to be left outside, but some types of track provide extra benefits. Save time by listening to experienced Garden Train people that have been there -- done that.

Avoid the three biggest mistakes most people make when they start building their first Garden Railroad.   More>

Power: How Do I Make Them Go?

Garden Trains Power, making them run You have several ways to provide power for your Garden Train. Learn the secrets of consistent power to every area of your Garden Railroad. It is simple once you know how.

Remember how you powered your first model train? Well forget it. The options today are only limited by your imagination, or your budget.

See the basic steps to wiring a Garden Railroad and learn how to use simple rechargeable batteries for hours of railroading fun.   More>

Size: How Big Are They And How Much Room Do I Need?

Garden Trains are most often referred to as Large Scale Trains. Why? Because they are a lot LARGER than what you may be used to seeing. They are not so large that you can ride on them, but they are large enough to create the "wow" factor with your friends and neighbors.

You will need to make sure that the area you pick for your Garden Railroad will have the space that you need to run the type of trains you are interested in running. Our simple track plans will help you see what you can do with the space you have.

Learn about the different size trains available and soon you will sound like an expert, "Yep, you know they say a Garden Trains boxcar is about the size of a loaf of bread..."